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Product Return Policy

This policy only applies to products purchased by the end user directly from
Return policy for business partners is governed by separate respective agreements.
Cancellation of order:
For cancellation of confirmed/placed order please call on 8999978923 or write to us at
Product return policy:
Improva Herbal Products will take back the sold product and replace it/refund in case of any customer dissatisfaction due to manufacturing and/or packaging defects only. In order for product to be taken back or money refunded, it must be in a resalable condition. The maximum period for request of product replacement/refund is 30 days from the date of purchase.  Customer can order replacement of the same product or other products equivalent of the cost paid. In case of money refund, Improva Herbal Products will refund the product money minus the transportation charges.
Product return process:
If the product was purchased from local distributor or franchise then it should be returned to the same distributor or franchise after returning original receipt/invoice and filling the product return form.
In case purchased directly from the company, the product will have to be sent to the company by post. Improva Herbal Products will pay for the postal charges.
In case of replacement the product will be delivered free of cost from the company or distributor or franchise.
In case of refund, money will be refunded to your account minus the transportation charges within seven working days from the receipt of the product.
(Kindly download and fill the product return/replacement form and bring it/send it along with the product)
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